Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

We are now offering Corporate Coffee Gift Boxes.

If you are interested in sending a coffee box to one of your clients, reach out to us, we would be happy to discuss pricing.  

We can set up the gift boxes with just coffee, or we can add in our coffee with a mug and a special treat, or two of our 12oz bags of coffee and a little treat or snack.

We will ship it directly to your client and write them a brief thank you letter from you.  If you would like the letter to be personalized, please send it over and we would be happy to include your personalized thank you.

Why should you choose our Corporate Coffee Gift Boxes?

  • Leave a lasting impression with some delicious specialty coffee, that will leave your clients with a gift that will perk up their day!
  • Beautifully packaged in a Kraft box, with a thank you note, coffee, sweet treats, crinkled Kraft paper.
  • Customization requests available including branding and personalized note.
  • Free shipping throughout the United States.


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