FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Coffee Grind and where are they located?
The Coffee Grind sells mainly organic and single origin specialty coffee, via e-commerce.  We are located in Klamath Falls Oregon, which is approximately 30 minutes north of the California border.
How do I contact The Coffee Grind?
Fill out the contact us page, or email us directly at sales@coffeegrindco.com
Does The Coffee Grind sell other coffee or items that are not listed?

Most of our inventory is on our website, but we do have the ability to provide 5lb bags of coffee and we plan to add coffee cups and apparel in the future, depending on the feedback that we receive.
Do you have any flavored coffee or decaf?
Currently we do not have any flavored coffee or decaf coffee, but this is something that we are looking into, and we are monitoring the feedback that we receive.  We will be adding seasonal coffee's to our inventory throughout the year?
Do you sell K-Cups?
We do not sell K-Cups at the moment, but we will be looking into adding these, if it makes sense and we receive some good feedback.
What type of grind should I choose?
Whole Bean- It's preferred by The Coffee Grind, as it will keep your coffee as fresh as possible, up until you are ready to use it.
Drip Brew- If you are using a regular coffee coffee pot, (Drip Brew) then you would want to go with the drip brew option.
Coarse: If you are using a french press, or pour over style of brew, make sure to choose coarse, as it will keep you from getting so much residue in your coffee, and makes it easier to filter out.
Espresso: If you are using an espresso machine, we suggest the espresso grind, if you are not grinding the beans yourself.  It's the perfect grind and most optimal for espresso machine extraction.


Where is your coffee roasted?

All of our coffee is roasted in the United States.  In order to start this company, we partnered up with a roaster to bring this dream to reality!

Can i buy your coffee in bulk for a coffee shop or fundraiser?

We can provide you with 5lb bags for a coffee shop or fundraiser, please email us and let us know that you are interested in the 5lb bags and we can discuss opportunities.  We have also added a fundraiser opportunity to our company, so if you have a non profit organization or any organization for that matter, that would like to set up a fundraiser, please visit our fundraising with coffee page.