Coffee For A Cause

Coffee For A Cause

Here at The Coffee Grind, we have a few special ways of giving back with our coffee for a cause.

$1 from every coffee purchase that you make, goes to a special cause that has impacted us in one way or another.

The first cause is Hope Mommies.  The reason that we decided to give back to Hope Mommies, is because my wife and I went through a very tragic situation and we lost our little girl 20 weeks into my wife's pregnancy. 

After this happened, my wife received a couple "Hope Boxes" in the mail from Hope Mommies

You may be asking, what is a Hope Box?  Well, a Hope Box, is a tangible gift that expresses love, provides Biblical truth, and invites bereaved women into a community of fellow Hope Moms.  

During such a tough time, the boxes my wife received, brought some hope to a woman that had just endured a very tragic situation.

The next cause is giving back to little league, high school and college sports programs.  The reason that we selected this cause, is because growing up I played sports all of my life and i remember many instances in little league, high school and college that we needed certain sports equipment that we could not fit in our team budget. Due to this, The Coffee Grind wants to give back and help a team in need.

We plan to get feedback from some of our loyal customers to give us some schools and sports programs that could use the help, and why they can use the help.  We will select a few different sports programs each year.

Here is a link to our specialty coffee selection.